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"A brilliant cascade of musical sounds, ‘Upside Down’ champions every piano note through a delicate weave of emotive composition, constructing effecting melodies and elegant stories to rise out of the ether. It’s music that spreads throughout every space, bringing with it an intoxicating sense of wonder and an old world charm that is simply indelible.

While not entirely cinematic, ‘Upside Down’ is more of a reserved sensation, never overstepping its bounds or edging into the territory of jarringly grandiose. Its music played beautifully, written with the heart, and championed by the soul. You can certainly see the potential locked inside ‘Upside Down’, and if Landi can maintain his focus and love for the piano, which seems to be unshakeable, then he’ll leave a legacy that should never quite be forgotten"

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Upside Down

13 piano solo compositions

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